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The Christadelphians

"And the Lord shall be King over all the earth ..."
Zechariah 14:9

West Houston

The Christadelphian
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Course #38 - A summary of Bible Doctrines

Suggested Reading:  Romans 1
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1. The Gospel

This is the Good News of the Kingdom of God which is to be setup on the earth. This message is to be found in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Genesis 22: 17, 18
Matthew 4:23

2. The Bible is the Word of God

The 40 writers of the 66 books were inspired by God.

Psalm 68:11
2 Peter 1:21


3. God was the Creator of the world

Everything on the earth was made by God for the benefit of the human race, with the intention that the earth would be filled with His glory. Jesus Christ is the centre of God's purpose.

Genesis 1; 1
Numbers 14: 21
Psalm 103: 8-11
Isaiah 45: 18


4. Jesus will come back to the earth

    He was born nearly 2000 years ago to preach the Gospel and to give his life as the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world'" He is now in heaven but he will return, as the King of the earth.

Matthew 25: 31-34
Acts 1: 10-11
Acts 3: 20, 21
Revelation 22: 20


5. The return of Jesus is very near

    Bible prophecy is being fulfilled and there are many signs today that the coming of Jesus is near. For example: the Jews and the State of Israel; immorality; terrorism; hunger; plagues and earthquakes.

Luke 21: 10-11
Luke 21: 24-33
2 Timothy 3: 1-5


6. The kingdom of God will be on the earth

    This is the central message of the Bible. The Kingdom we pray for in the "Lord's Prayer" will have its centre in Jerusalem in Israel, where Jesus will reign for 1000 years over the nations at peace. After that, there will be no more sin and death.

Isaiah 24: 23
Jeremiah 3: 17
Micah 4: 1-8
Revelation 11: 15


7. God made promises to Abraham

    Abraham, because of his faithful obedience to God, was promised that he and his family (the Jews) would possess the land of Israel and that one of his descendants (Jesus) would be king of the world.

Genesis 12: 1-3
Genesis 15: 5, 6
Genesis 22: 15-18
Galatians 3: 8, 16, 29


8. The Jews are God's people

    They were to be witnesses to God's existence and power. But they disobeyed and so were scattered all over the earth. The Bible foretold that in "he last days" they would return to the land of Israel.

Isaiah 11: 11, 12
Isaiah 44: 8

Ezekiel 37: 21, 22
Romans 9: 3-5


9. Jerusalem will be the centre of the earth

    Jesus was a Jew. Many of the descendants of the Jews who crucified Jesus will accept him as their Messiah. Jerusalem will be the capital of the Kingdom of God and Israel will be "the head of the nations". Travellers from every country will visit Jerusalem to worship.

Jeremiah 3: 17
Micah 4: 1, 2
Zechariah 14:16
Matthew 5: 34, 35


10. God made promises to David

    King David was told that he would have a descendant who would sit on his throne for ever. This was a prophecy about Jesus.

2 Samuel 7: 12-16
Luke 1: 30-33


11. Jesus is the Son of God

    He was born by the operation of the Holy Spirit on his mother Mary. In this way he was both "Son of God"and "Son of man". Jesus always spoke of his Father (God) as being "greater than I" There is nothing in the Bible to suggest that Jesus was God.

Matthew 1: 20-25
John 14: 28
Romans 1: 3, 4
Galatians 4: 4


12. Jesus lived a sinless life

    Although he was human, Jesus was the Son of God, and therefore able to overcome all temptations and he lived a perfect life. He set an example for all his followers.

Isaiah 53: 5, 12
2 Corinthians 5: 21
1 Peter 2: 22


13. Jesus died on the cross for us

    He had to die, like all men, because he was a descendant of Adam. But because he was without sin he was a perfect sacrifice (the "Lamb of God") in his death. Because of this he is able to take away the sins of those who, in a sense, die with him in baptism.

John 1: 29
John 3: 16
Galatians 1: 4


14. Jesus was raised from the grave

    Because he did no sin "the grave could not hold him" God was right to bring the only righteous man back to life. The Lord Jesus Christ was the "firstfruits" - the guarantee that those who are "in Christ" will rise from the dead at his return.

Acts 2: 24
Acts 17: 31
1 Corinthians 15: 22, 23


15. The Holy Spirit is the power of God

    God's power is evident in all of His creation. When God uses His spirit for special purposes it is called the "Holy Spirit". The Holy Spirit cannot act separately from God; it has no separate existence but is simply God's power.

Luke 1: 35
Acts 10: 38
2 Peter 1: 21


16. The wages of sin is death

    Death is the punishment for sin in the human race. Since Adam was disobedient in the beginning, all have sinned (except Jesus) and so all have died. All men and women will perish in the grave unless they learn the purpose of God, and be baptised into the saving name of Jesus Christ.

Genesis 3: 17-19
Romans 5: 12
Romans 6: 23


17. The gift of God is eternal life

    We cannot earn eternal life. But God, in His love, has promised to give it to those who believe His Word, trust in the Lord Jesus and strive to do His will.

John 17: 1-3
Romans 2: 6-8
Romans 5: 15
Romans 6: 23


18. There will be a resurrection of the dead

    But not everyone will be raised. Jesus will raise those who have been baptised.

John 5: 28, 29
1 Corinthians 15: 12-19
2 Timothy 4: 1


19. There will be a judgement

    Those who have been baptised must stand before Jesus at his return to the earth, either to be punished by final death or to be rewarded with everlasting life. There will also be stern judgements on the people of the earth who will oppose Jesus at his return.

Daniel 12: 1, 2
John 5: 28, 29
2 Corinthians 5: 10
2 Thessalonians 1: 7-9


20. Living for ever

    Those who are granted eternal life will have the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus on the earth and, under him, will rule the mortal people. The mortals will eventually die and be raised again for judgement at the end of the 1000 years; but the "saints" will enjoy perfect health and happiness while they preach "the everlasting Gospel" and make the earth a wonderful place to live in.

Psalm 37: 9-11, 22
Daniel 7: 27
Revelation 20: 4-6


21. The angels are God's messengers

    God made the angels to be His servants for ever. They never die and they carry our God's instructions in the universe. They also watch over those on earth who are called by God to be His "saints".

Exodus 23: 20, 21
Psalm 103: 20
Hebrews 1: 13, 14


22. The devil and satan

    In the Bible the "devil" describes the power of sin which is in all men and women. Those who oppose the will of God are sometimes called "satan" There is nothing in the Bible about an evil angel or god, outside of a person, which tempts them to sin.

Matthew 16: 23
John 8: 44
Acts 10: 38
James 1: 14


23. We must all repent

    God requires that we recognise our sins, are sorry for them, and try to live differently in the future. We cannot hope for salvation unless we do this. Repentance means a whole new way of life, following Jesus.

Psalm 51: 1-10
Matthew 4: 17
Luke 13: 1-5
Acts 3: 19


24. Adult baptism in water

    This is absolutely essential, but we have to understand and believe the teachings of the Bible and the commandments of Jesus before we can be baptised. Baptism is a symbol of dying with Christ for our sins and rising again to a new life.

Matthew 28: 19, 20
Mark 16: 16
Acts 2: 38


25. Christians do not fight

    A follower of Christ cannot use force nor join in military service or the police force. He must "love his enemies" as well as his friends.

Matthew 26: 52
Luke 6: 27--29
Romans 13: 1, 2


26. Christian marriage

    The Bible is very clear that God intended a man to have only one wife, and for the couple to bring up a godly family. In accordance with this ideal a Christian should not seek divorce, nor indulge in polygamy.

Genesis 2: 21-24
Matthew 19: 3-6
Hebrews 13: 4


27. Our duty to the State

    Christians obey all the laws of their country, unless they conflict with the laws of God. Because they are citizens of the Kingdom of God they cannot give their time and energy to the politics of any worldly government. It could be that we might find that we were fighting against God.

28. Christians can pray for forgiveness of their sins

    This is one of the privileges of being "in Christ" (that is, baptised). The Lord Jesus is in heaven, acting as a priest for his followers and asking God to forgive their weaknesses.

Matthew 22: 17-21
Romans 13: 1-7
1 Peter 2: 17

Philippians 4: 6
1 Timothy 2: 5
Hebrews 7: 24-26
1 John 1: 9


29. Daily Bible reading is necessary

    Bible reading is like taking daily food. God talks to us through His Word. We learn from the examples of the Scriptures and there are passages to suit all our problems and needs.

Psalm 119: 97, 98
Acts 17: 11, 12
2 Timothy 3: 16, 17


30. Communion with the death of Jesus

    True Christians remember the death of Jesus by "breaking bread" and "drinking wine" every week, as Jesus instructed at the Last Supper. This memorial includes the promise that the disciples of Jesus will share meals with him in the Kingdom of God.

Mark 14: 22-25
Luke 22:14-20
1 Corinthians 11: 23-28


31. True fellowship

    This is something that can only be shared by those who believe and practise the same true Bible doctrines as taught by the Lord and his followers in the first century. Christadelphians have a wonderful fellowship with many brothers and sisters throughout the world.

John 17: 16-18
Acts 2: 41, 42
Hebrews 10: 24, 25
1 John 1: 3-7


32. The call of the Gospel

    God is calling people from around the world, to follow Jesus and to prepare for his coming Kingdom.

Matthew 16: 24-26
Acts 15: 14
1 Corinthians 1: 26, 27
Galatians 3: 27-29


Will you respond to this call?

Final verses to memorise: Acts 17:30,31

    "And the times of this ignorance God winked at: but now commandeth all men every where to repent: because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that men whom he hath ordained; where of he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead."

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