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The Christadelphians

"And the Lord shall be King over all the earth ..."
Zechariah 14:9

West Houston

The Christadelphian
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Free Literature!

Please browse though our library of FREE literature. We also encourage you to look up each Bible reference. To assist you, we have provided the Bible verse hyperlinks in the text of each booklet.

Key to Understanding the Bible
See how easy it is to understand Bible topics.
Hope For A Hopeless World
The Marvellous Message of the Bible
The Godhead Explained
The Doctrine of the Trinity challenged by the Truth of the Scriptures.
The Man Who Was Promised The World
The promises made to Abraham as the core of the Gospel
Christ IS Coming!!
Bible teaching about his return to the earth
The Kingdom of God on Earth
God's plan for the world
Turkey, Russia, and the Time of The End
The Evaporating Euphrates: A Bible symbol of the declining power of Turkey in the Latter Days.
Only One True Gospel ...
The One True Gospel Declared
Purpose of the Holy Spirit ... And Its Gifts
Why the Holy Spirit gifts were given to the Apostles
Christ's Death and Your Salvation
A Simple Explanation of John 3:16
Climax of World Problems
War in the Middle East - Christ's return is God's answer
World Destiny - Revealed by Daniel the Prophet
The Interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream By Daniel the Prophet
Jerusalem - City of Destiny
The destiny of humanity is bound up in the future of Jerusalem
The Identity of Lucifer
Who Is The Antichrist
A Revelation of who the Antichrist really is.
Introducing ... The Christadelphians
Modern Revival of Apostolic Faith.
Jesus - God the Son or Son of God?
Does the Bible teach the Trinity?
The Miracle of the Bible
The Word of God In Print
The Coming Antichrist - Jesus of Nazareth?
It could be a tragic case of mistaken identity when Christ returns to the earth.
One Bible, Many Churches . . .
Does it matter what we believe?
The Holy Spirit
Bible Understanding of God's Power
A World At Peace
Today's Need; Tomorrow's Reality
Raised to Judgement
Bible Teaching about Resurrection and Judgement
After Death - What?
Is there really life after death?
Why Baptism Really Matters
What We Must Do To Be Saved
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
The Bible Answer To Human Tragedy
The Devil and Satan Defined
Mankind's Greatest Enemy