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About Christadelphian Books Online

Christadelphian Books Online is an internet site that seeks to web-enable many of the Christadelphian bible study books and written works. The purpose is so that many people can access these works via the internet at no cost.

Our main object is to make the reference works "searchable". That is, enable a person to search for a phrase or words and find matches among the several works that are contained in our database. Often times we know someone wrote something somewhere in some book. We seek to allow people the power of finding what they are looking for.

We at the theonehope.org feel the need to make things accessible via the web to save cost, installation configuration headaches, material updates, and the like. Any updated materials and additional software functionality can be easily accessed just by returning to this site. No redistibution of CDs and reinstallation will be necessary! As new books are added, they will immediately be available over the internet.

All that is needed to access these resources is an internet connection and ANY web browser!

A word of warning: The text of each book is broken out into logical pages for speed in searching and logically displaying text on a full screen. The attempt was to keep paragraph text together instead of spliting sentences across pages. Therefore, the page for the text you find in this online version will NOT match what is in the actual printed copy. Also, the text in this online version is free from formatting (bold, italics, fonts, centering, etc.). This was to make the searching more accurate and less intensive.

Feel free to contact us for more specific information.

Thank you and enjoy the resources available to you!

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