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Christadelphian Reading Planner Software

((Link to the new Englishmans Contextual Concordance Software))


-Based on the Christadelphian 3 readings per day: OT once, NT twice yearly planner.
-See the 3 readings instantly by hovering your mouse over the tray 'bible' icon.!
-Instantly opens the readings directly into:
  1) Logos Library System or
  2) Online Bible Software or
  3) Libronix Software or
  4) on www.biblegateway.com for reading and study!
-Post or read comments on the daily readings on a Christadelphian internet site.
-Easily log on to the Christadelphian Caring Network and have live bible based chat with Christadelphians.
-550 built in Proverbs that can be quickly displayed for meditation! (Authorized Version)
-100 Commandments of Christ
-Quick Copy Proverbs/Commandments to clipboard to add to your documents, emails...
-Memory Verse aid to help memorize your favourite verses.
-Easy to Install / Uninstall Software


VERSION:    4.0   -   October 24, 2002  -  For Windows

Site 1 Readings42.exe  -  hosted by http://www.theonehope.org/ReadingPlannerSoftware.asp
Site 2 Readings42.exe  -  hosted by http://www.chooselife.org.au/dean/readings.htm  -  Australia
 Site 3 Readings42.exe  -  hosted by @Shaw  -  Vancouver, Canada
Site 4 Readings42.exe  -  hosted by my home server (up during Pacific daylight hours.)
 Site 5 Readings42.exe  -  hosted by Yahoo Geocities.
ONLINE BIBLE DOWNLOAD:    http://www.onlinebible.org/

A Frequently Asked Question is:

 "My Reading Planner Software does not open the readings in Online Bible?"

Here is how you make the verses open in Online Bible:

Online Bible Program always changes its F-Key for the "View Passage" function.
We need to match the Reading Planner program to the Online Bible's "View Passage" F-Key
1) Open Online Bible
2) Find out what F-Key is used to 'View Passage' by either:
a) hovering your mouse pointer over each toolbar item.
b) press each F-Key on keyboard, one-at-a-time, to find out what 'View Passage' is.
c) right click on a F-Key menu item and change it to 'View Passage'.
3) Open Reading Planner
4) Click Settings
5) Change the F-Key used to 'View Passage' to match the F-Key in Online Bible.

I have had allot of good feedback from the first drop of the 'CHRISTADELPHIAN READING PLANNER'  here are some of the fixes I did in response to letters I received:

Oct 24, 2002
- Fixed Calendar for windows XP
- Fixed the creating of Reading planner in Libronix
- Various other small fixes

April 30, 2002
- Fixed problem with opening URLs in Windows 2000 and Windows XP

March 3, 2002
- Fixed the mixed up combo box for Logos and Online Bible

Jan 19, 2002 - version 3.6
- Fixed several errors in the daily reading chart.
- Added Open in Libronix
- Can Create Libronix Christadelphian Reading Planners for the Libronix Home Page
- Changed the interface
- Moved the main website to http://members.shaw.ca/dmonty/readings.htm

Aug 23, 2001 - version 3.5
- Fix Logos Library System errors in opening readings with more than one chapter
- Add another download site.

August 9, 2001 - version 3.4
- Open Verses in Logos Library System added.
- Reorganized main screen.
- More download websites added.

July 5, 2001 - version 3.3
- Memory Verse helper added to the program.
- Link to daily "comments on the readings' added to the program.
- Live Chat on the Caring Network added to the program.
- Calendar added to the program.
- Built in Help added.
- Many other internal fixes and tweaks.

March 12, 2001 - version 3.0
- You can now open readings in the Online Bible Program or on the Web
- Commandments of Christ Database added
- Fix OLB not opening on some systems - mail me if it doesn't work
- F-Key can be selected from within the program
- WWW Version can be selected within the program
- Tray tool popup verse fixed for longer readings
- Finding Olb.exe easier using common dialog box
- Closing Windows doesn't bring up dialog box
- Forward/Backward buttons added to Databases
- Auto Rotate option added.
-Psalm 119 and 2 John Open in Online Bible Correctly
-Another download site added
- plus many more minor changes.